Where did we come up with the name “WiggleWigal”?

Well, before I married my husband, I had a simple last name. I never had to pronounce, repeat or spell it out to anyone.

My husband, on the other hand, has a more unusual name. He is a “Wigal” and for some reason, when he was growing up, everyone pronounced his name as “Wiggle”. I thought that was strange because it seemed obvious to me that phonetically it should be a long “i” sound since there was only one “g” in the name.

Shortly after we married I experienced the phenomenon for myself…the hesitation when people came to read the name aloud…”wig-al” was fairly common, and so was “why-jull”, but lo and behold, “wiggle” was used more times than not…and often times without hesitation!

So when the time came for us to come up with a name for our business (encompassing many niches), I took a hankering to my husband’s old eBay userid, “wigglewigal”. It was generic, memorable and usually got a chuckle. So, we made it official…our company’s legal name is “WiggleWigal LC”.

When life hands you a lemon of a lastname, embrace it…sweeten it up and make yourself some lemonade! …By the way, “Wigal” is pronounced “why-gull” (hard “g”), but we’ve come to answer to most anything. 😉


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