Our contact information has been updated.

Working from home has it’s pros and cons. While it’s nice to roll out of bed and walk across the hall to my office, getting interrupted at dinner time with streams of phone calls from customers is not so pleasant. So, we’ve implemented a few changes.

First, a new address. We now have a Post Office Box to handle all incoming payments and correspondence related to our business. This was implemented for two reasons:

  1. To keep business correspondence safe and secure. Sometimes other members of the household would bring in the mail and pick out what’s important to them and the rest of it would be displaced for a day or two. While this may not be that big of a deal if it’s just “junk mail”, it really matters when it’s an important business document or a customer’s payment.
  2. To protect our family from unexpected visitors. While we operate a business out of our home, we do not have a showroom freely accessible to the public at this time, so I’ve found there is really no reason to publish a physical address.

The second change was a new phone number. We now have a second line which handles all calls related to our business exclusively. This was implemented for the following reasons:

  1. Keep business calls separate from personal calls. We have a pre-teen in the house and when he’s off from school, there seems to be a flood of phone calls for him. This was interfering with our business. So instead of getting him a second line of his own, we opted for a business line for us. 😉 Also, the business phone only rings in our offices, so I don’t have to worry about our 3-year old answering it, thinking it’s Grandma, when it was a customer (which has happened a few times before).
  2. Eliminate personal interruptions. While we clearly post our business hours on our website, we were still getting phone calls after hours. An occasional call here and there would not be so bad, but we have a sacred dinner hour where we actually sit down as a family for dinner each night and that time was consistently being sabotaged.
  3. Have a record of missed calls. We are probably the only people on the planet who do not have voice mail or an answering machine on our phone. We do have Caller ID so when a personal call comes in, we can usually figure out who has called when we have been out, but it’s impossible to tell anything when it was a number we don’t recognize. So, we now have an answering machine dedicated to the business line to handle any calls that come in after hours or when we are unable to take the call at the time it comes in.

We’ve posted the updated address at our Help Desk, but you’ll find the phone number is not posted there. This was done on purpose. We actually keep wacky hours…oftentimes working late into the night (i.e. 2:00 AM). We have a very active family life and my husband and I juggle back and forth as to who’s working when, so we prefer to deal with customer service via email. This way we can respond to a customer’s request at 2:00 AM if needed. Also, this enables us to CC (carbon copy) one another when necessary so we can both be on the same page about a situation, rather than trying to relay a phone conversation.

However, we understand the need for a customer to get in touch with us personally, so we publish our phone number on every purchase receipt.

Since we do not use the phone as a primary source for communication, we take email communication very seriously. We make every attempt to answer emails within 1-2 business days, so if you don’t receive an answer, please contact us again. It’s possible it was missed or misdirected by mistake.


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