WiggleWigal LC launches www.lodgeandcabinaccessories.com

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On July 24, 2008 we are pleased to announce the lauch of an exciting new home decor site www.lodgeandcabinaccessories.com/. This site features picture navigation so it is easy to find your way quickly around the site by simply clicking pictures or the corresponding links. Browse over twenty unique home decorating product sets of bathroom accessories for any lodge or cabin decor. Don’t miss the package prices and free wallpaper borders. This is a great place to find bath accessories for your bathroom decor. Lodge and cabin accessories offers twenty or more product galleries for bath decors.


WiggleWigal.com Gets Design Makeover

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WebpagesWe’ve just updated the look and navigation for WiggleWigal.com! Check us out and let me know what you think.

The WiggleWigal hub consists of three main departments:

  1. WiggleWigal News – Our Business Journal/Blog
  2. WiggleWigal Help Desk – The Customer Service Department
  3. WiggleWigal Warehouse – A Clearing House for Select In-Stock Merchandise

The Warehouse is still under construction, so please be patient with us on the maintenance taking place there. We’ll announce when the upgrade on that department is complete.

But as far now, take a look around and see what you think. Then by all means, share your thoughts with us!

The Best Web Prices on the Mural Portfolio by York Wallcoverings

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Click to see the complete York Mural Portfolio.

The York Mural Portfolio features an excellent collection of wall murals. The 43 different wall mural patterns come in chair rail mural and a full wall mural sizes. The chair rail mural comes in 7 panels and measures 6 feet high by 10.5 feet wide. The full wall size comes in 10 panels and measures 9 feet high by 15 feet wide. The panels come 18 inches wide for each mural and are prepasted. The panels are easy to handle and install. These murals are a great choice for the do-it-yourself installer.

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The Best Place to Buy Paper Illusions Faux Finish Wallpaper

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Paper Illusions Faux Finish Wallpaper

Paper Illusions is now available at a considerable savings at wallpaperillusions.com.
This is the best place to buy Paper Illusions wallpaper by Village!
Click any link to see your favorite Paper Illusions Color!

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I Love My Space by Sanitas (Blue Mountain Wallcoverings)- MLB Borders

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Wallpapertrends.com has added more Major League Baseball products from the new kids wallpaper collection by Sanitas-I Love My Space. See the new products at I Love My Space-Major League Baseball.

When a website goes down…

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What a nightmare…

I don’t always check my email over the weekend, but Saturday I noticed this domain (wigglewigal.com) was down. I figured it was a problem with our webhost and expected it to get fixed on it’s own. I checked our other domains and they were all working just fine…they were hosted with different companies. So I waited.

Then Sunday, I checked again and still wigglewigal.com had dropped off the planet. By now, I was getting concerned, and pretty upset with my webhost. I emailed their customer support from another email account and discovered it wasn’t a problem with them, but rather my domain registration had expired 7 days ago. WHAT?

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Contact Information Updated

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Our contact information has been updated.

Working from home has it’s pros and cons. While it’s nice to roll out of bed and walk across the hall to my office, getting interrupted at dinner time with streams of phone calls from customers is not so pleasant. So, we’ve implemented a few changes. Read the rest of this entry »

Why WiggleWigal?

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Where did we come up with the name “WiggleWigal”?

Well, before I met my husband, I was a “Johnson” and the biggest ridicule I had concerning my name was being called “Johnson & Johnson(r) Baby Powder” in about the second grade. Although I didn’t like that as a child, being a “Johnson” most of my life was rather easy. I never had to pronounce, repeat or spell out the name to anyone.

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