Buy Me A Drink

Posted in Internet Marketing at 1:50 pm by Carrie Wigal

I was just reading through a discussion thread at and came across Ladan Lashkari. I saw that she was from Iran and thought, how interesting. I then saw she had the animator for her blog in her forum signature…something I’m having difficulty to get to work in mine, and I saw one of her headlines and thought again, how interesting, so I clicked on it.

When I got there I thought, the look of this blog is very cheerful and I just scanned the home page and saw something at the end of her top post that said “Get Ladan a Drink”… I wondered what that was and scanned her right margin and saw a star that indicated “Buy Ladan a Drink” and so I clicked on it. Very interesting… so I clicked again at the bottom to learn more about this “buy-me-a-drink” campaign… Read the rest of this entry »

PayPal Autoresponder & Follow Up Integration

Posted in Internet Marketing at 8:52 pm by Carrie Wigal

What an incredible tool I’ve found…thanks to Lynn Terry!

We’ve been selling on Ebay for several years now and have serviced over 1,000 customers. Unfortunately, we’ve done a lousy job following up with them. Despite our best efforts, keeping in contact with our buyers after the sale, has proven to be a labor-intensive chore. But now…aah – aah – aah (voices of angels singing and heavens’ clouds opening up), I have a solution! Read the rest of this entry »