PayPal Autoresponder & Follow Up Integration

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What an incredible tool I’ve found…thanks to Lynn Terry!

We’ve been selling on Ebay for several years now and have serviced over 1,000 customers. Unfortunately, we’ve done a lousy job following up with them. Despite our best efforts, keeping in contact with our buyers after the sale, has proven to be a labor-intensive chore. But now…aah – aah – aah (voices of angels singing and heavens’ clouds opening up), I have a solution!

Aweber to the Rescue

Aweber is a paid service providing unlimited autoresponders and newsletters. I signed up for their service almost 2 years ago and love them! Unfortunately, I knew I was under-utilizing them, but time was not on my side. I was trying to juggle way too much to give the necessary attention to the different aspects of our business. Well, recently I have been digging into their massive features, and I found this treasure…

PayPal Autoresponder & Follow Up Integration

A way to follow up with all of our eBay buyers after a purchase is made…outside of eBay’s clutches…without any extra manual work on my part! Sure, there’s the initial setup, but considering the work I’ve done before trying to yield an end result, the setup is nothing.

Let me first explain “outside of eBay’s clutches”. Having been buying and selling on eBay for over six years, I’ve come to be very frustrated with eBay’s control of each and every aspect of our transactions. I understand they are trying to protect their interests, but my goodness, as a seller you have to really jump through hoops for them sometimes. If we were just buying and selling here and there, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal…but this is how we make our living. We started our own business (eBay Store) to be our own boss, but more and more we’ve found eBay’s the boss…they pull all the strings, and we don’t like having our strings pulled.

While PayPal is not the only payment option we offer, it is by far the largest method of payment being used at this point, since the bulk of our business is done on eBay…and eBay & PayPal practically go hand in hand.

So, if you’re in a similar boat like us…figuring out a way to follow up with your eBay buyers with ease and automation, without having to spend another penny in eBay’s pocket, check out Aweber and what they have to offer. They are, by far, the best in the Autoresponder industry. ;) If you’re already signed up with Aweber, then check out the following article to see how to do everything I just talked about: => PayPal Autoresponder & Follow Up Integration

Good luck!

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