When a website goes down…

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What a nightmare…

I don’t always check my email over the weekend, but Saturday I noticed this domain (wigglewigal.com) was down. I figured it was a problem with our webhost and expected it to get fixed on it’s own. I checked our other domains and they were all working just fine…they were hosted with different companies. So I waited.

Then Sunday, I checked again and still wigglewigal.com had dropped off the planet. By now, I was getting concerned, and pretty upset with my webhost. I emailed their customer support from another email account and discovered it wasn’t a problem with them, but rather my domain registration had expired 7 days ago. WHAT?

Needless to say that caused a bit of panic. Usually, when you register a domain, the registry lets you know if/when your domain is about to expire, giving you the opportunity to renew or not. Well, I was never notified. I registered that domain name 3 years ago. I managed to get a hold of the domain registry on Monday and was able to get it renewed and the site restored, thank God.

Well, I would have thought that was enough of a scare. But then I checked the answering machine on our business phone line yesterday and there were over 20 messages! Aaagh. Then, this morning I received more emails (actually it was the first of a round of emails I never received over the weekend), some asking if we were still in business.

I can certainly understand a customer’s concern when they pay money for a product/service and then can’t access the customer service department for days on end. It’s been a constant catch-up game in the past 48 hours, and I’ll be so glad to finally get on top of everything again, which is expected to happen today.

So what is the lesson here?

  1. Know when all your domains expire and stay on top of it every month…don’t rely solely on someone else to “remind” you.
  2. As soon as there’s a problem with customer service/support, get the word out to whomever may be trying to contact you.
    • I should have changed the message on our answering machine indicating there was a problem right away. Instead, I was too busy trying to put out fires.

If you’re a customer of ours and experienced a hiccup in our service this past week, I am very sorry. I’ve been so concerned about handling things when I actually go into labor (I’m 9 months pregnant), handling something like this was totally unexpected. I am considering this a “fire drill” and hope to be much better prepared next time.

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