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The York Mural Portfolio features an excellent collection of wall murals. The 43 different wall mural patterns come in chair rail mural and a full wall mural sizes. The chair rail mural comes in 7 panels and measures 6 feet high by 10.5 feet wide. The full wall size comes in 10 panels and measures 9 feet high by 15 feet wide. The panels come 18 inches wide for each mural and are prepasted. The panels are easy to handle and install. These murals are a great choice for the do-it-yourself installer.

The quality and workability of the mural is superior to many of the other available murals from various companies. Photo style murals are fine for experienced or pro installer but may prove difficult for the novice do-it-yourself installer. The key disadvantages of murals such as those sold as Komar, Scan Decor, Ideal Decor and Environmental Graphics is the weight of the paper, the thickness of the vinyl coating on the mural face and the fact that they are unpasted. York murals are better because they have heavier paper, heavier vinyl and are prepasted. They are more expensive but are worth it.

We have sold hundreds of York mural over the past several years. We have had a total of 2 complaints. Both installers were novices that did not even read the installation instructions. They did not prime the walls and overworked the murals trying to line them up. In both cases, the installers were very clearly at fault. These murals have an approval rating of over 99% from our clients, a majority of which are in the do-it-yourself crowd. We have no trouble recommending them to anyone who will read and follow the included instructions.

The quality of the murals in the Mural Portfolio is equaled only by the amazing variety of available scenes. They are relevant for today’s lifestyle and modern home decors. There is truly something for everyone. The colors are clear,bright and well rendered. The printing is crisp. The quality is unmatched. Choose one of these murals for the perfect final touch to your room’s decor and enjoy the scene for years to come.

All of these murals carry a first quality satisfaction guarantee and feature, for a limited time, FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING. We would, of course, appreciate your business.

RA0143M page 1

RA0146M page 2

RA0131M page 3

RA0134M page 4

RA0172M page 5

RA0173M page 6

RA0166M page 7

RA0167M page 8

RA0113M page 9

RA0116M page 10

RA0100M page 11

RA0104M page 12

UR2118M page 13

UR2115M page 14

RA0181M page 15

RA0182M page 16

UR2043M page 17

UR2040M page 18

UR2003M page 19

UR2000M page 20

RA0137M page 21

RA0140M page 22

RA0107M page 23

RA0110M page 24

HF8642M page 25

HF8639M page 26

UR2324M page 27

UR2314M page 28

RA0175M page 29

RA0176M page 30

RA0169M page 31

RA0170M page 32

UR2021M page 33

UR2019M page 34

RA0155M page 35

RA0158M page 36

UR2055M page 37

UR2052M page 38

UR2027M page 39

UR2024M page 40

IN2677M page 41

IN2676M page 42

RA0119M page 43

RA0120M page 44

RA0184M page 45

RA0185M page 46

RA0149M page 47

RA0152M page 48

RU8171M page 49

RU8170M page 50

RA0187M page 51

RA0189M page 52

RA0191M page 53

RA0193M page 54

RA0195M page 55

RA0197M page 56

RA0199M page 57

RA0201M page 58

BZ9121M page 59

BZ9122M page 60

BZ9463M page 62

BZ9460M page 63

BZ9103M page 65

BZ9106M page 66

NT5859M page 67

NT5861M page 68

RA0209M page 69

RA0208M page 70

RA0211M page 71

RA0210M page 72

RA0270M page 73

RA0206M page 74

RA0213M page 75

RA0212M page 76

WU0877M page 77

WU0878M page 78

FK3989M page 79

FK3989M page 80

HJ6720M page 81

HJ6721M page 82

RF3500M page 83

RF3500M page 84

WG0309M page 85

WG0310M page 86

HJ6717M page 87

HJ6718M page 88

YH1415M page 89

YH1418M page 90

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