Brewster Prepasted Murals

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Q. I have a question about those murals if you have ever put one up or not? I know that it says they are prepasted but does it need wallpaper paste anyway? I just don’t want it coming down, it is going in my son’s room.

A. The trick is to use a quality wallpaper primer prior to installation. Our installers sometimes add box (wheat) paste to the water and some like to use clear premixed paste. These can make the mural stick a little more but makes it a bit harder to strip later. The most important thing is not to overwork the panels when wet as they can stretch and wrinkle.

PaperIllusion over Countertops

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Q. I am looking at putting this over my existing countertops.  My two worries are that first, the way it is installed with the overlapping, won’t that back the countertops an uneven surface?  Second, what is the durability of using it on countertops like with cooking and cutting on it?

A. I’m not sure I understand the first concern. When you overlap the pieces, they adhere pretty tightly. Unless you were to stack several pieces on top of one another, it shouldn’t create a noticeably uneven surface.

As for the durability, you would need to put several coats (about 4) of a water-based polyurethane over top of the paperillusion to seal it from spills and every day use. Those who have done this on their counter tops have been very pleased with the durability.

To see some pictures of one that was done recently, visit our Paper It Fun! Photo Gallery.

For instructions on how she did that, you can download the project sheet.

I hope that helps.

Good luck, and have fun papering it!

Covering Counter Tops with PaperIllusion

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Q. I haven’t received my paper yet, but I’m preparing to do my countertops…..I have searched the internet for tips, but I cannot find anything. Do I rip the paper the same as I would if applying to the walls? Also, should I use polyacrylic, or is there another product you suggest as a sealant? I wish there was a video on how to paper countertops. Any tips would be appreciated.

A. Yes, you would rip the paper just as if you were hanging it on a wall. The only difference is the preparatory work getting your surface ready and what happens after you apply the Paper Illusion wallpaper.

Here’s a link to the directions on how Mandie did her counter as pictured here in our Paper Illusions Photo Gallery. You’ll need to scroll down the pages once you click on the links for the pictures and directions.

Another person, Jess, gave details on how she did her counter tops at our “Paper It Fun!” Discussion Forum. Check out how she did her counter tops as well.

I’m putting together a project sheet using the info from these two ladies and hope to actually do this project myself in our bathroom. I planned on taking before, during & after pictures…but making a video actually sounds like a great idea as well.

Good luck, and PLEASE let me know how it turned out. I’d love to hear how you did it and if you can take some pictures, I’ll be happy to feature them in our photo gallery.

Thanks again for writing…and have fun papering it!


Overlapping PaperIllusion pieces

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Q. When you use this product and it overlaps, will you see the pieces that overlap? like a white border between pieces? does it look funny? does the size of piece matter?

A. Yes, you’ll see the edges that are overlapped…they’ll look like a vein running through the walls, like you would see in a marbleized texture. Different colors yield different results. You can see what some of the colors look like applied to walls and flooring in our Photo Gallery at to give you a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Photo Gallery:

It’s a unique look…I wouldn’t say it looks funny. It’s a matter of personal preference. Some of the colors have a different color backing so when you rip it, instead of having a “white vein”, you might have a grey vein (as in the Cobalt Blue) or brownish vein (as in Terra Cotta). You’ll get a better idea when you get your samples and are able to rip a piece for yourself.

As for the size of pieces, the included instructions recommend large pieces (about 8″ x 10″, I think).

This is a really neat product…if you get a chance, please do check out the photo gallery.


PaperIllusion over Curved Countertops

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The following question was submitted to us:

Q. My counter wraps around a wall so has a curved section.  I saw in a PaperIllusion video the person wrapping around a regular corner but how would you recommend I handle a curve?  Wrap from top and over the side and cut for wrinkles?   Cut separate strip for the front of that section of counter?  Thanks.

I personally have never done this…have you? If so, click on “comments” below and share your experience…

Paperillusion over Tile

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Q. I am wondering if this will work on older bathroom and kitchen tile–4 by 4 squares.

A. It is possible to PaperIllusion over old ceramic tile.  You have to get a primer that is rated for glass/ceramic, such as Zinnser 123 Bullseye Primer that sticks to about anything.  After this, go with a wallpaper primer.  Install the PI.  Then coat it many times with polyurethane/acrylic sealer for waterproofing and durability.  I suggest going through the entire process on a test area to make sure the end result is acceptable.

Easy Removal of PaperIllusion over Paneling

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Q. I am moving into a rental home in which ALL of the walls are 1970s wood panelling.  Is this product permanent or can it be removed easily should we move out later?  If it is permanent, is there a way to make it easily removed?

A. As long as you prep the walls ahead of time by priming with wallpaper primer (I recommend Zinnser Guardz for covering paneling), the paperillusion will be very easy to remove. You would just need to soak the paper with warm water and it will peel right off (installation & removal instructions are included with the paper). There will probably be some residue (gooey glue) left on the wall, but it should be easy to wipe off (TIP: White vinegar will help get it all off).

PaperIllusion on Kitchen Cupboards

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Q. What is the best approach to making the holes for the handles when papering kitchen cupboards? I plan on doing just the middle section of cupboards; but this is where the handles are.  Do I paper over the holes?  And if so, what do you recommend to make the holes for the screws?

A. That’s a great question.  I would paper over the holes. Then I would come from behind the cabinet door with a needle and prick through the existing hole to locate where the hole is on the other side. Then use a nail on the outside to make the hole in the paper bigger.  The needle suggestion is so you can easily find the hole without unnecessarily poking holes through the paper.

If you wanted, you could just paper over the holes first before doing the rest of the cabinet door face, then make your hole (after the paper dries in place). This way if you mess up, you can easily remove the one piece (just moisten and peel off) and move on. Working with PaperIllusion is so cool. 😉

Colors pictured or described

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Colors may vary slightly from picture due to:

  • different monitors having various picture quality settings used for viewing
  • dye lot differences…this is not considered a defect.

Color description is subjective. For best description, please order a sample. 

Paint over PaperIllusion?

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This was a question just sent to us…

Just saw your product and think it’s a great alternative to plastering or drywalling old paneling…like the stuff in my house. 

I haven’t fully explored the colors you have to offer, but if I
can’t decide or feel that none of them will work for me, can the dry,
completed, paper walls be painted?  And, if so, do you sell less
expensive, non-patterned stock which is specifically for painting?

I recommend a paintable wallpaper, of which there are many,  if you want to paint the wallpaper.  There is no plain PI stock available. 

The advantage of PaperIllusion is the fact that it can overlap itself and still stick to the wall, unlike any other wallpaper.  PaperIllusion comes in 28 colors, so there is probably something that will work for you.  There is a sample pack available with all these colors.  I have not heard of anyone painting PaperIllusion but the breathable paper will probably hold paint.  I suggest a mini-roll.  Once you try PI, you will see that paintable wallpaper is too difficult to install in comparison. 

I believe the cost factor is in favor of PI as well.  The unique effect of the installed PI really has to be appreciated in person.  I believe PI is the hands down winner for your situation.

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