Why was my PayPal payment denied?

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Paypal is offered as a method of payment for the convenience of our customers. While we prefer payments made by credit cards, we understand the ease and popularity in payments using a PayPal account.

On occasion the need will arise to deny a PayPal payment. This is done to protect ourselves from possible fraudulent activity. The following reasons are why a payment may be denied:

  • When the ship-to address does not match the bill-to address. This means an “unconfirmed address” is being used. Paypal will not guarantee payment to us if a package is sent to an unconfirmed address, therefore we may not accept payments for transactions sent to an address that is different than the billing address used.
  • When the user is “unverified”, meaning they do not have an account set up with PayPal that has been verified with a bank account or credit card account. Due to the ease in fraudulent transactions in these cases, Paypal will not always honor payments from an unverified user.
  • When large payments (over $100) are sent from a verified user with little or no history of transactions on PayPal.  

If ever a PayPal payment is denied, the customer is always given the option to pay by Credit Card (drawn on a US bank) or mail in a Money Order (payable in US Dollars). Personal checks and Paypal e-check payments are not accepted.

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