Paint over PaperIllusion?

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This was a question just sent to us…

Just saw your product and think it’s a great alternative to plastering or drywalling old paneling…like the stuff in my house. 

I haven’t fully explored the colors you have to offer, but if I
can’t decide or feel that none of them will work for me, can the dry,
completed, paper walls be painted?  And, if so, do you sell less
expensive, non-patterned stock which is specifically for painting?

I recommend a paintable wallpaper, of which there are many,  if you want to paint the wallpaper.  There is no plain PI stock available. 

The advantage of PaperIllusion is the fact that it can overlap itself and still stick to the wall, unlike any other wallpaper.  PaperIllusion comes in 28 colors, so there is probably something that will work for you.  There is a sample pack available with all these colors.  I have not heard of anyone painting PaperIllusion but the breathable paper will probably hold paint.  I suggest a mini-roll.  Once you try PI, you will see that paintable wallpaper is too difficult to install in comparison. 

I believe the cost factor is in favor of PI as well.  The unique effect of the installed PI really has to be appreciated in person.  I believe PI is the hands down winner for your situation.

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