Using the eBay Email System

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Due to the following limitations in the eBay Email System it is our policy not to use their service as our primary means of communication.

  • Incompatible for Text Only Email Clients…there is a lot of gibberish to sort through to get to the meat of the message when reading an email sent through eBay. The HTML format works well for certain email servers, but when HTML is not an option, eBay’s messages are time-consuming to decipher.
  • Does not include previous message for reference. For example, a buyer asks a question, a seller answers. Time goes by. The buyer responds to the seller’s answer however the seller has no clue what the most recent message was in reference to because eBay does not allow you to maintain a running dialogue.
  • Limit on number of emails sent through eBay per day. At times we are in need of emailing many buyers at one time, however eBay will not allow this. Perhaps as a protection against SPAM. Unfortunately, it makes legitimate communication very difficult.
  • Limit on length of emails. On occasion a lengthy email message is required and eBay will not allow messages over a certain number of characters.
  • Limit on characters used in emails. Unable to include simple symbols such as quotation marks. Hyperlinks are not allowed. At times a need arises to send a link to important information and eBay’s system will not allow it.
  • Subject matter of emails received through eBay is not provided. While they reference an item #, the subject matter of the email is hidden (return or cancellation request, address change, order status, tracking information, etc.). This is inefficent for determining which appropriate department handles each request.
  • Level of Priority is unknown. It is difficult to determine which email merits immediate action (cancellation or address change prior to shipment), since one cannot ascribe a level of priority.

Instead, we have put together a contact form for eBay users to use for all communications. This will enable us to answer you in a more timely and thorough manner.

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