eBay Feedback Policy

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Seller’s feedback will be posted in response to buyer’s feedback. This is due to the fact that a transaction is not “complete” until the buyer indicates it is finished. Just because a seller ships an item, we do not consider the transaction complete. What if there was a damaged or lost shipment? an error in shipment? a need for a return? These are all legitimate occurances that make up the whole business transaction. Therefore, we withhold feedback until the buyer indicates the transaction is complete by leaving feedback first.

If feedback has not been left, you may contact us to request that feedback is left. However, an email response is unlikely. We post feedback for every eBay member who leaves feedback for us.

We are honest in our dealings and our feedback will reflect that we complete all transactions.

We believe that negative feedback is reserved for dishonesty, total lack of communication or as a warning to other eBayers about hostile, unreasonably angry or severely immature people.

If you leave negative or neutral feedback, you will probably receive the same back. There may be an unpleasant issue that arises, but we make every attempt to resolve them in a mutually pleasing manner within reason. Ebay recommends contacting the other party (via telephone) prior to leaving a negative. If telephone contact has not been made prior to posting a negative feedback, we will respond in kind.

Buyers will be held to completing a transaction as per eBay policy, provided the transaction can be completed in a timely manner as indicated in our listings. Buyer’s regret is an unacceptable reason for an incomplete transaction. Negative feedback will be left in this case. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT PLAN TO BUY.

There is always a small chance of a disappointmet as far as not receiving a shipment on time or not at all in the case of a discontinued item. We deal with third party drop-shippers and suppliers for many of our items. Occasional mistakes will happen outside of our control. However, we will always strive to complete the transaction as promised or offer a full refund.

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