PaperIllusion on Kitchen Cupboards

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Q. What is the best approach to making the holes for the handles when papering kitchen cupboards? I plan on doing just the middle section of cupboards; but this is where the handles are.  Do I paper over the holes?  And if so, what do you recommend to make the holes for the screws?

A. That’s a great question.  I would paper over the holes. Then I would come from behind the cabinet door with a needle and prick through the existing hole to locate where the hole is on the other side. Then use a nail on the outside to make the hole in the paper bigger.  The needle suggestion is so you can easily find the hole without unnecessarily poking holes through the paper.

If you wanted, you could just paper over the holes first before doing the rest of the cabinet door face, then make your hole (after the paper dries in place). This way if you mess up, you can easily remove the one piece (just moisten and peel off) and move on. Working with PaperIllusion is so cool. 😉

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