Covering Counter Tops with PaperIllusion

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Q. I haven’t received my paper yet, but I’m preparing to do my countertops…..I have searched the internet for tips, but I cannot find anything. Do I rip the paper the same as I would if applying to the walls? Also, should I use polyacrylic, or is there another product you suggest as a sealant? I wish there was a video on how to paper countertops. Any tips would be appreciated.

A. Yes, you would rip the paper just as if you were hanging it on a wall. The only difference is the preparatory work getting your surface ready and what happens after you apply the Paper Illusion wallpaper.

Here’s a link to the directions on how Mandie did her counter as pictured here in our Paper Illusions Photo Gallery. You’ll need to scroll down the pages once you click on the links for the pictures and directions.

Another person, Jess, gave details on how she did her counter tops at our “Paper It Fun!” Discussion Forum. Check out how she did her counter tops as well.

I’m putting together a project sheet using the info from these two ladies and hope to actually do this project myself in our bathroom. I planned on taking before, during & after pictures…but making a video actually sounds like a great idea as well.

Good luck, and PLEASE let me know how it turned out. I’d love to hear how you did it and if you can take some pictures, I’ll be happy to feature them in our photo gallery.

Thanks again for writing…and have fun papering it!


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