PaperIllusion over Countertops

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Q. I am looking at putting this over my existing countertops.  My two worries are that first, the way it is installed with the overlapping, won’t that back the countertops an uneven surface?  Second, what is the durability of using it on countertops like with cooking and cutting on it?

A. I’m not sure I understand the first concern. When you overlap the pieces, they adhere pretty tightly. Unless you were to stack several pieces on top of one another, it shouldn’t create a noticeably uneven surface.

As for the durability, you would need to put several coats (about 4) of a water-based polyurethane over top of the paperillusion to seal it from spills and every day use. Those who have done this on their counter tops have been very pleased with the durability.

To see some pictures of one that was done recently, visit our Paper It Fun! Photo Gallery.

For instructions on how she did that, you can download the project sheet.

I hope that helps.

Good luck, and have fun papering it!

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