Using the eBay Email System

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Due to the following limitations in the eBay Email System it is our policy not to use their service as our primary means of communication.

  • Incompatible for Text Only Email Clients…there is a lot of gibberish to sort through to get to the meat of the message when reading an email sent through eBay. The HTML format works well for certain email servers, but when HTML is not an option, eBay’s messages are time-consuming to decipher.
  • Does not include previous message for reference. For example, a buyer asks a question, a seller answers. Time goes by. The buyer responds to the seller’s answer however the seller has no clue what the most recent message was in reference to because eBay does not allow you to maintain a running dialogue.
  • Limit on number of emails sent through eBay per day. At times we are in need of emailing many buyers at one time, however eBay will not allow this. Perhaps as a protection against SPAM. Unfortunately, it makes legitimate communication very difficult.
  • Limit on length of emails. On occasion a lengthy email message is required and eBay will not allow messages over a certain number of characters.
  • Limit on characters used in emails. Unable to include simple symbols such as quotation marks. Hyperlinks are not allowed. At times a need arises to send a link to important information and eBay’s system will not allow it.
  • Subject matter of emails received through eBay is not provided. While they reference an item #, the subject matter of the email is hidden (return or cancellation request, address change, order status, tracking information, etc.). This is inefficent for determining which appropriate department handles each request.
  • Level of Priority is unknown. It is difficult to determine which email merits immediate action (cancellation or address change prior to shipment), since one cannot ascribe a level of priority.

Instead, we have put together a contact form for eBay users to use for all communications. This will enable us to answer you in a more timely and thorough manner.

Email Communication

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Personal email requests for shipment status will not be answered until 10 business days after payment receipt, unless expedited shipping (overnight/express or 2nd Day Air) was paid for.

High email volume for these type of requests leaves us unable to respond. Please access the status of your order online.  For items purchased on eBay tracking information may be obtained through the item listing or via a shipping service notification sent to your eBay email address.

If you are not receiving emails from us after a purchase has been made, PLEASE CHECK YOUR BULK MAIL OR SPAM FOLDER as we very well may be in it.

If eBay purchases are paid via PayPal, please refer to the email address used to make payment for possible email communications.

Emails are answered as promptly as possible on weekdays (Monday through Friday). They are not answered on weekends or holidays. We attempt to answer all emails. Response times can vary from 5 minutes to 72 hours depending on email volume. Multiple emails only slow things down and may be completely ignored as we consider this practice to be spamming.

For purchases made on our network of websites, your email address is always requested. If this address was entered incorrectly, we cannot be responsible for missed communications. When checking the status of your order online, please verify your email address is correct. If it is not, please contact us immediately.

Does Shipping include Insurance?

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Insurance is optional for all eBay purchases and at the buyer’s discretion. If you are not given the insurance option at checkout and want insurance, please contact us so that we can assist you. If the buyer waives the optional insurance, the buyer assumes all financial responsibility of any package lost or damaged during shipment.

The buyer is responsible for a dry and secure delivery site. Insurance does not cover the package once delivery is confirmed. This includes wet or stolen shipments.

Paint over PaperIllusion?

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This was a question just sent to us…

Just saw your product and think it’s a great alternative to plastering or drywalling old paneling…like the stuff in my house. 

I haven’t fully explored the colors you have to offer, but if I
can’t decide or feel that none of them will work for me, can the dry,
completed, paper walls be painted?  And, if so, do you sell less
expensive, non-patterned stock which is specifically for painting?

I recommend a paintable wallpaper, of which there are many,  if you want to paint the wallpaper.  There is no plain PI stock available. 

The advantage of PaperIllusion is the fact that it can overlap itself and still stick to the wall, unlike any other wallpaper.  PaperIllusion comes in 28 colors, so there is probably something that will work for you.  There is a sample pack available with all these colors.  I have not heard of anyone painting PaperIllusion but the breathable paper will probably hold paint.  I suggest a mini-roll.  Once you try PI, you will see that paintable wallpaper is too difficult to install in comparison. 

I believe the cost factor is in favor of PI as well.  The unique effect of the installed PI really has to be appreciated in person.  I believe PI is the hands down winner for your situation.

Measuring for Paper Illusions Wallpaper

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Each roll of PaperIllusion covers an 8′ x 9′ wall…we say 75 square feet of wall space with overlap (the roll is actually 85 square feet).

  1. Measure each wall that will be papered (height x width) [ie. 2 walls are 8' high x 10' wide, 2 walls are 8' high x 9' wide]
  2. Multiply to get total square feet of wall space. [ie. (8 x 10) + (8 x 10) + (8 x 9) + (8 x 9)= 304]
  3. Measure any openings (doors & windows) in those walls in the same manner to calculate total square feet of openings to deduct from total wall space. [ie. 1 window 3' high x 4' wide, 1 door 7' high x 3' wide => (3 x 4) + (7 x 3) = 33]
  4. Deduct the openings from total wall space to get total coverage needed. [ie. 304 - 33 = 271]
  5. Divide total coverage by 75 to get number of boxes needed (round up). [ie. 271/75 = 3.61 => 4 boxes]

PaperIllusion over Wallpaper or Painted Walls

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Q. Can you use Paper Illusions over old wallpaper without stripping the old paper?

Yes, you can, provided the walls are cleaned well (no oil residue, from cigarette smoke for example) and sized/primed properly. Size your walls by applying a wallpaper primer.

Q. My paneling has been primed and painted over years ago. Do I need to re-prime or can I just start to hang paper illusions?

Of the paneling has wallpaper primer topped with a coat of flat latex, the PaperIllusion should stick just fine. The manufacturer recommends always coating the wall with a good grade universal wallpaper primer prior to installing PaperIllusion.

PaperIllusion over Paneling

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Q. We are in the process of getting our home ready to sell and have a family room with ugly dark paneling. What steps are necessary to have the walls ready for your product? Do we have to fill in the grooves or do a lot of sanding?

This product bridges the gap provided the grooves are less than 1/4″. No special preparations needed. We’ve done it and it works.

To prep the panelled walls you’ll need to wash the paneled walls thoroughly. I strongly recommend TSP available at you local home improvement store. Clean them well, especially if previously exposed to cigarette/cigar smoke and thoroughly rinse.

Next, you’ll need to seal or prime the paneling. This prevents any oils from the paneling to bleed through and provides a stable undercoat and moisture barrier for the wallpaper adhesive. I highly recommend Zinnser Guardz. A bit pricey but it’s the best. Any other high quality primer/sealer will also work. Just remember you get what you pay for.

Please, don’t even think about skipping these preparatory steps. Without cleaning and priming the walls, all the work you do thereafter will suffer, no matter what product you use.

Now, round up all the kids you know and have fun papering your room with this product. It goes up very fast and everyone says it is “very easy” to apply. Enjoy!

Where is my order?

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We use third party drop shippers for some of our products. Orders for these products are subject to third party stock availability.

In most cases the normal delivery timeframe is 7-10 business days. If two weeks have passed and you still have not received your order, please check the status of your order online first. If there is no backorder information or concrete shipping information (ship date or tracking #), please contact us and we will be happy to check into the status of your order. 

In the case of murals, it can take up to four weeks for delivery on some murals. You are welcome to contact us after two weeks and we will look into it for you.

If there is a known delay, we will contact you within two business days of our notification via email.

Toll Free Number

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To keep overhead costs low, we do not have a toll free number nor do we publish a phone number to accept customer service calls. Instead we have put together an online help desk for your convenience.

Due to low overhead costs, we are able to offer heavy discounts on all of our wallcovering products. Answers to most questions can be found in our Knowledge Base or by checking the status of an order online. When further assistance is needed, you may contact us online and we will respond to your request within one (1) business day.

What if I haven’t gotten my credit yet?

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For returns, please allow 7-10 business days for us to receive the item back.

For cancellations, we must verify an item has not shipped yet before a credit can be issued. Please do not assume an item has been cancelled until you have received notification from us. Once an item has shipped, it cannot be cancelled.

Please allow 5 business days for the credit to appear on your statement (if paid via Credit Card). If payment was made by money order, please allow 7-10 business days to receive a refund check in the mail. If payment was made by PayPal, please allow 2 business days for credit to be processed. If you have not received a credit by then, please contact us and we will check into it right away.

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